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TWCE – Arms Race

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Hello, comrades,

I’m very happy to announce that the sequel to our game The Cold War Era, Arms Race, (or TCWE – Arms Race) is going to be stand-alone game and will not require the original game to play! Many more new features and some other changes in the game’s mechanics are planned as well—I’ll share more about them below.

Firstly, the name basically says it all; the sequel will take place during the global arms race that went on throughout the Cold War. As you may know, various superpowers considered it extremely important, for the sake of both power and international prestige, to have the very best weapons possible. Each group of allies tried to ensure their weapons were superior to those of their enemies, often even those of their friends. With a combination of these same weapons and political pressure, these same powers attempted to dominate others in regional conflicts and proxy wars—but they had to tread cautiously, as use of these weapons and pressures could create far-reaching effects and have widespread repercussions. We’ve done our best to fill our game TWCE with these same regional conflicts and proxy wars, allowing players to sink deep into the feelings of power and conflict that our modern armies embraced… and we’ve done that more so than ever in TWCE – Arms Race!

The Cold War Era

Before I say too much about the sequel, let me remind you what TCWE is all about. This is a real-time strategy game exclusively for PC, based on the historical conflict between two superpowers: The Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States. In TCWE you can choose to play as one of these two countries and try your best to defeat the enemy. The Cold War Era is called “cold” because neither country fought in open war—so you don’t even have to use armies to attack your opponent. The war was happening between diplomats, spies, scientists, and those embodying ideologies of different kinds; in short, it was fought on many kinds of battlegrounds and between all sorts of people. Spreading your influence, supporting rebels or friendly regimes in proxy wars, competing in the Space Race—these are the tools you will use for global domination, and they’ve already been developed in-game for you to play. What’s more, the game has its own server, allowing gamers to play multiplayer P2P matches at any time. The set-up is simple: each country will have an individual score, so your job is to draw countries into your sphere of influence—at the end, whoever has the biggest score, or has the most influence, wins! TWCE is already available to download and play—try it out free at before reading more.

Arms Race

In TWCE – Arms Race, the most exciting shiny new feature is a completely new military system. The military is represented by a tech tree, allowing you to develop the most significant (and realistic) military units from the Cold War. By developing units your army strength improves, allowing you to dominate your enemy in wars all over the globe. The units are classified in three fields, known as Air, Land and Sea. You can see ten icons in each technological line on the tech research graph below. (Please note: the version below is just one step in the concept, and not the final version—so some changes will be made to the graph shown in the image during development.)

You get the basic firepower at the beginning of the game: 10 each for Air, Land and Sea. Then, with each unit you develop for your armies you receive an extra 10 firepower in combat. (For example, if you will develop 5 military units in Air your Air Force’s firepower will be 60: 10 default + 50 for developed units). We’ll go into the significance of your armies’ firepower below.


Another big difference in TWCE – Arms Race compared to the core game is that you actually have to produce an amount of military units before using them. In TWCE – Arms Race you will not be able to add as many military as you wish by simply spending your cash (as you could in TWCE). In the new installment, we’ve improved the system of gameplay and made it more realistic—now you actually produce your military units and then “ADD” them to other countries, protecting your allies or supporting your chosen rebels. You’ll see a small icon with an automatic rifle with the number “12” on the screenshot below—meaning you have twelve military units in your pool.


In TCWE – Arms Race each country has geographical specifications as well: Air, Land and Sea. These specifications make each country specialized for certain kinds of combat compared to others, and are represented by three icons in game menu:


Within this system, a cloud symbol stands for Air, a tree for Land and ocean waves for Sea. But how does this work? You may know that Switzerland is mostly a mountainous country—so this makes it hard to have tank divisions climbing up and down the Alps, right? Air is the only way to really dominate the country, especially when (like with Switzerland) a country is not very big. As you may also know, Switzerland has no access to the world’s ocean at all—so, geographical specifications for Switzerland in the game might be something like Air=5, Land=1, Sea=0. This is true even as the situation in a country like South Africa is completely different from Switzerland’s. In South Africa the general landmass is mostly flat—so it would take tactical ground operations to secure it for your side. What’s more, South Africa has a very long coast line (almost 50% of its border), making a strong Navy key for military success. Considering all this the geographical specifications of South Africa might be something like Air=3, Land=2, Sea=1. In combat screen menu it will be seen as on the screenshot below.


(Please remember that these example screenshots are just concepts—and that since the game is not developed, the calculations behind these mechanics are not yet set in stone. I’m just sharing our team’s concept art to give a sense of how the game will look and feel when we develop it.

Let’s take the example of proxy wars in South Africa better understand how closely developing your side’s units is connected with geographical specifications. Imagine, for instance, that our military strength of Air Forces = 15, Army = 30, and Navy = 25. We want to support South Africa against the rebels—who are themselves supported by the Russians. And the Soviet’s military strengths are: Air Force = 20, Army = 50 and Navy = 30.


Each military strength point is multiplied by its geographical specification points, with the general fire power as the result. So our Air Force = 15 gets multiplied by 3. And then our Army = 30 * 2 and our Navy would be 25*1. The total firepower number, then, is 130 against 190 of the Soviets—giving the Soviet army an advantage. The difference between American and Russian Air Forces is just 5, but because of geographical specifications the Soviet Air Force gets 60 fire power against the Americans’ 45, making a world of difference in the war. In Switzerland, where the Air=5, Land=1, and Sea=0 the Soviets would have an even better chance of winning.

So in this war the Soviets have a 62% chance of success at defeating the Americans. Should Americans increase spending for Arms Race to pull one over on the Soviets? : )

The Budget

Another exciting new addition to TCWE-Arms Race is the expansion of the Budget system. The budget is now split into three different departments: Military, Diplomacy and Space. In all departments you will be able to spend a set quantity of money per month—as you can see on the new version of the diplomacy screen.


You can invest in units in a variety of ways—a Diplomacy unit (or Diplomat) costs $25. A Spy unit costs $10, and it takes 10 months ($1 subtracted each month) to acquire one of these. If you choose to increase to $2 per month it will take 5 months to receive another Spy. As a general rule, the more you spend the faster you produce—and the better you might do in the race.

Growing your budget in TCWE – Arms Race works the same basic way as in the core TCWE game. You will receive 5% to 10% growth in your budget annually, every January (so if your current balance for your budget is $500 you will get 5% from $500, or $25—but if you finish up the year with just $200 you receive 5% of that $200, making an increase of $10). The total score of all allied countries in your sphere of interest will also be added to the budget as an International Trade Bonus. The more money you save during the year, the more substantial your growth will be—so spend wisely! In TCWE-Arms Race you can actually see your monthly budget trend, allowing you to compare it to your past budget for reference, as seen on the Budget screenshot below.


Though it may look confusing at first, the new budget screen provides a useful tool, making planning your side’s finances manageable and convenient. Your main goal is simply to have your budget (the number on the top center) trend positively, or upwards. If the trend is negative it means your economy is shrinking—which creates problems for your side—in which case you might want to decrease spending in certain departments.

A Unit

As we’ve learned from the examples described above how to produce units, let’s see how the new menu represents those units. There are a few very simple changes that have been made to the bottom menu, allowing you to see all your country’s resources with just a single click—just take a look at your example, with the USSR:


In this menu we can see what is available for use: 12 diplomats, 22 military and 6 spy units. Just like in the core game, you can place these in the targeted country by clicking on the “ADD” button. The toggle switch above the “ADD” button changes the menu between views, allowing you to see the Military Firepower Screen.


The Firepower Screen in-menu allows you to compare your military strength against that of your opponent in any country and at any time—even if there are no open military conflicts actually happening. This can be a useful tool to help you think many steps ahead as you plan your strategy against your opponents.

Customization of Leaders

Another great new feature available in the Special Edition of TCWE – Arms Race is Customization of Leaders, bringing the game to a whole new level of fun! But before I say too much more, it’s worth mentioning that you will be able to choose a leader and his abilities before you start the game in single or multiplayer, allowing you to affect the game’s course even before you actually begin. These leaders all have their own distinctive personalities and methods, affecting how the leader rules the state. For example, if you choose to play with Stalin it will be cheaper for you to produce military but much harder to impress the world with your diplomats.

But what if things were different? If Stalin could be an excellent diplomat, wouldn’t it make a big difference? Or what if Reagan had moved the USA further towards militarism, and worn a military jacket instead of a fancy suit? With Leader Customization, your leader’s abilities become something you can choose to alter, no matter who your leader is, whether that trait be Historical, Diplomatic, Economic or Militaristic. Let’s take a look at the in-game scenario we’ve already mentioned—what if Stalin were to become a great diplomatic leader?


In the image you can see Stalin in the Kremlin with heightened Diplomatic ability. Instead of “texts” detailing how this all works, you will be able to see what bonuses and penalties you will get to play using Stalin as your leader with the chosen ability. The Historic option will offer exciting strategic opportunities as well, giving your chosen leader the abilities they’re most famous for from real-world Cold War history.

But don’t think this is the end of the updates we have planned. These are just a few of the exciting features you’ll be able to explore and play in our upcoming sequel: THE COLD WAR ERA – ARMS RACE.

Difficulty levels and in game missions

Hello comrades.

I’m very happy to inform you we are working on our new 1.5 update for The Cold War Era. Actually, we are polishing it now. It’s almost done and soon to be released. Let me tell you what has been added to the game:

From the very beginning of the release we wanted to add two things – difficulty level and in-game missions. While I couldn’t immediately find the right way to make the difficulty system adjustable to the existing AI mechanics, after many tests and hard work I can declare – it works well now!

The game has the clear mission already – to get the highest score at the end of the game to win, but I wanted to add something more than just the pop-up messages: “Boom! You did it. Mission accomplished! You are cool!” Completing in-game missions should provide achievements and I was trying to find the right ones for The Cold War Era. I realized that we can do this by combining the difficulty level and mission achievements together!

You are able to raise your game difficulty level from EASY to MEDIUM and to HIGH only if you have completed some in-game missions and complete the actual game in 2000 as the winner. If you completed in-game missions but you lost the actual game the missions won’t be counted as achieved. Interesting, huh?


There are four in-game missions:

EASY LEVEL – SPACE RACE. To archive this mission you need to develop all space technologies and finish the game as the winner.

EASY LEVEL – ONE AFRICA. To archive this mission you need to align all African countries to your sphere of influence (to make them all pro-Soviet if you play as USSR or pro-American if you play USA) and finish the game as the winner.

MEDIUM LEVEL – 50 GOOD SCORES. To archive this mission you need to finish the game as the winner with 50 or more scores on MEDIUM level of difficulty.

MEDIUM LEVEL – COUP YOUR ENEMY. To archive this mission you need to complete a coup of your enemy country (USSR or USA) any time during the game on MEDIUM level of difficulty and finish the game as the winner.

When you pass all of the missions you will be able to play on the HIGH difficulty level and then your only mission will be actually to win the game in any strategically way. (It will be tough, I promise!)

Max Sprin

Demo? – Limited edition !

Recently, one question was coming up quite frequently. Will there be a demo? Finally there’s an answer. There will not be a demo but rather something better. I am happy to announce that there will be a free version of the game! Yes, you’ve read it right. Now you can play The Cold War Era 1.04v for free. And the official name of the free version is – Limited edition.

From the title of the version you’ve noticed that the game will have certain limitations and extra features will be available only to those who already bought the game or to those who are planning to purchase it after trying the Limited edition.


In the single player mode, the Limited edition will be available only partially, only the first 10 years. The same restriction applies to the multiplayer mode. If you play with someone who also has a limited version, then you will be able to play against each other, only the first 10 in game years from 1950 to 1960. However, if you are lucky and you play in multiplayer mode against a player who has a Standard or Special edition of the game, then you’ll be able to play a multiplayer mode to the end. A little bit of luck and everyone is happy!

Thus, now everyone will be able to play the game. And the owners of Standard or Special edition of the game can be assured that they will always complete the game in multiplayer mode against the owners of any version of the game.

Max Sprin

Cheating and new 1.04 update (AI)

First, we would like to congratulate everyone who directly and indirectly helped us develop version 1.04. I promise it is going to be released very soon possibly either late this month or early September. Despite the fact that our kickstartr campaign was not entirely successful, we will still continue working on the game and improve it.

Many players have asked me this question – is AI cheating on players? The answer is no. AI is set up to consider the size of the budget, its opportunities and possibilities and eventually it prioritizes according to the global situation. For example, AI will fight more aggressively for their alliance countries than for neutral countries. AI has no super weapons, bonuses or other unseen additional funding. All is fair.

Many probably already noticed that The Cold War Era is not an easy game. It is the game of intellect and for intellect. Each can have a different tactical strategy, and it is almost impossible to win the game using the same strategy all over again. AI always uses different tactics and it gives the opportunity to play on a single straight line. So you need to stay abreast of changes and developments in the world and rapidly respond to it, or even better, anticipate them and be prepared for them. Not everyone is able to resist our AI, and you know what? In the update 1.04 AI will be even much smarter!

Our current priority is to make AI in 1.04 to be more flexible. Our first beta tests show good performance. Previously AI was making an emphasis either on warfare, science or diplomacy tactics based on a situation, this time it changes strategy within each tactic.

For example, depending on changes in the global world, AI adjusts its tactics, for example diplomacy, to the most successful ones. In other words, it is more difficult to beat AI now, and eventually it will be even harder! In the next blog I will answer the most frequently asked question – will there be a demo?

Max Sprin



1.03 is more gamer-friendly!

This is it — the final blog update about v1.03 before its official release! We’re down to just days (not weeks!) until it’s here.

In this blog I’d like to introduce another great feature that will make v1.03 even more gamer-friendly than its predecessors. Considering the huge number of proxy wars the game now allows for, it can get tough to keep in mind all the countries where war has erupted. To help you track this information, we’ve added a flag navigation system to help you jump between war-torn regions. With this added feature, as soon as war is declared in any region around the world, that country’s flag will appear in the top right corner of the screen. If you click on this flag, your screen will automatically center on this country.


Keeping in mind the addition of all these cool new features, we also want to take a moment to remind you how the Statistic menu can enhance your strategizing experience. It’s important to keep track of where opposition is rising, with the tipping point set at 80% for each country. The Statistic menu tells you which countries are highly opposed to its government. Since you can now command your spies to initiate parades in neutral countries, you can lower this opposition score in countries you plan to influence politically in the future. And, of course, you can initiate riots to expedite the threat of war in neutral countries you influence.

We’ve also made some tweaks to the basic settings for v1.03. For example, now the annual budget increase ranges between 5 and 10%, rather than the 4 to 8% increase in v1.02. And, if your budget is greater than $700, this gives you penalty of 2 to 5% bonus increase only.

As an extra fun perk, we’ve added a bunch more news videos for those of you who use the free video news DLC! A new version of the DLC will be available for download the day v1.03 is officially released… which will be very, very soon! Can you tell we’re excited? We so are!

So stay tuned, thanks for checking in, and we’ll see you in the game lobby.

Max Sprin

Proxy Wars

We wanted to include the Proxy Wars feature in TCWE from the start, but due to limited time and funding were not able to do so. But now we finally can! I’ll be the first to admit that the game is very limited without proxy wars. We’ve conducted a beta test and are happy to report that with Proxy Wars, TCWE becomes one big map of geopolitical battles with extremely rich gameplay. No more Europe-only battlefield. Proxy wars have opened up lots of different strategy options. Very cool!

For the most part the Cold War took place in neutral countries with no stable governments or due to “unexpected” coups. Now TCWE allows you to do the same. I’ll tell you briefly how this works:

If you want any neutral country to join your sphere of influence, you can now do that not only peacefully but also via revolution (this feature was not available for neutral countries in the previous version). To start a revolution in a neutral country it must have:

1 – A highly unstable government (Opposition 80+).

2 – Influence of your county lower than your opponent’s influence (the neutrality of the country is not taken into account).

The implication is that if your influence is higher than your opponent’s, you should use peaceful accession to get that country to join your sphere of influence. In order to protect the country from the possibility of a coup d’etat, spies can now organize pro-government parades in neutral countries.

And that’s not all!

Now neutral countries also have their own militaries. If a neutral country is influenced more by, for example, the USA, then the USA player can send his troops to this country any time to strengthen the pro-government army. If the opponent, in this case the Soviet Union, wants to help revolutionaries go to war, the revolutionaries will fight with these pro-government forces. If the revolutionaries win, the country will join the Soviet sphere of influence. If the USA player is able to stop the attack, through spy network support or continually assisting that country’s government and the USA’s troops, then the country will remain neutral.


With proxy wars, players must closely monitor events around the world and strengthen ties with friendly neutral countries to avoid a Blitzkrieg revolutionary attack. It’s better to be prepared in case you can’t stop the onslaught in time!

Max Sprin

V1.03 and Multiplayer Informer

First of all I would like to thank everyone who bought the game and took part in our Donation Campaign. Without exaggeration I can tell you that the new game version, v1.03, will be released because of your support! Due to your help, we will continue working on and improving our game. Your support is so valuable to a small company like ours.

In this blog post I’ll discuss the new features that will be included in v1.03. Many of you prefer to play in multiplayer mode, but sometimes when you enter the Game Lobby no one is waiting to play with you, so instead you choose single player mode. A few minutes later another player enters the game wishing to play multiplayer, but unfortunately no one is available.  So we have a situation on our hands in which two players want to play multiplayer mode but are playing single player instead. This is why we’ve devised our Multiplayer Informer!

With Multiplayer Informer, if you want to play in multiplayer mode and everyone else online is in a single player game, you can start your game as usual, choose your country and click the “Multiplayer” button. After that other players playing in single player mode will receive an in-game notification. An icon will appear at the upper left corner of the screen and a telephone ring will sound (see image below). If another player wants to join you, they can end their single player game, go into the Lobby and join your game. As usual, they’ll need to select the opposite country and click the Multiplayer button.


With Multiplayer Informer all players will be notified of your intentions to play against them in a geopolitical multiplayer battle. In the very near future we’ll tell you about the second feature we plan to add to the game. We’re sure you’ll love it because it’s going to be a BIG ONE!

Max Sprin

Should you know history to play this game? Uhh..not at all!

In The Cold War Era game countries are categorized with three colors – Blue (Americans), Red (Soviets), and White (Neutrals). You can play TCWE as either the Blue Americans or the Red Soviets. The primary objective in TCWE is to paint over the map in your color. This short video outlines the history behind the Blue and the Red, including some interesting fact-nuggets about the Cold War. Have fun watching it!

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Overthrowing Governments: A Beginner’s Guide to Politics, Force and Revolution

Ultimately, there are only two ways to overthrow a government: through politics, or by force. Both sides to domination are key features in The Cold War Era. TCWE is all about expanding your sphere of influence and using it to dominate other countries. Whether you play as a Soviet or an American, any governments loyal to your regime automatically extend your control zone. Getting other countries under your influence is the main focus of gameplay in TCWE, so in this blog we’ll discuss just how that works.

When the game begins, most countries and regions are neutral. The citizens of neutral countries are either happy about being outside any sphere of influence, or haven’t made a decision yet about which superpower to join — the U.S. or the U.S.S.R. Your goal is to convince them it’s in their best interest to side with you. Each superpower has a range of tools used to influence other countries, for instance their space program and spy networks. You’ll be able to use these tools to help you succeed in your goal of total domination.

We learned in the previous diary that each country is in one of two political states: Support/Opposition and Influence. Just like in real life, it’s almost impossible to overthrow a government through political actions if the populace is happy about the state of their government and actively Supports it. So, winning over neutral countries requires a combined effort of pushing your sphere of Influence into their territory, and destabilizing their government. You have several options for increasing your sphere of influence, such as achieving milestones in your space program. At the same time, you can deploy your spies, who assist radical anti-government Opposition within the country, causing the Opposition indicator to rise. Once your Influence in the target country is above 80% and local government Opposition has also reached at least 80%, they’ll be weakened enough for you to install a puppet government.

Here’s where it gets really interesting: your opponent is also working to spread their Influence, including in the countries that you control. The Statistics Graph will help you monitor your opponents activities: the graph shows the level of Opposition and Ideology Influence for both superpowers (you and your opponent) in all countries and regions. If you see your opponent actively trying to raise their Influence in a country, you can use your own methods of Influence and Opposition to try and reverse this. You can use your own spy networks to dismantle or disable your enemy’s spy network, and Influence the targeted country with your own ideology, thus pushing back your opponent’s sphere of influence. If your opponent successfully takes control of the country, you have one option left: Revolution.

Revolution is only an option in countries where governments oppose your regime, and thus won’t work in neutral regions. In a Revolution, you convince radical members of the countries’ population to take advantage of weakness in the local political atmosphere, and work to oppose the government. Once Opposition reaches over 80%, you have the option of sending in military assistance to help the radicals overthrow the local government. Doing so will cause these radicals to become revolutionaries, who can then initiate an armed revolt. If successful, they’ll install a new government allied to you and join your sphere of influence. Any remaining revolutionaries become official government troops from that point on.

To prevent revolutionaries from wreaking havoc in countries you control, you can deploy some of your troops to assist the local governments. This helps ensure countries remain within your sphere of influence. Your opponent can also do deploy troops, creating proxy war scenarios in contested countries and regions.

Here’s an example of how it can all play out: When TCWE begins, Argentina is a neutral country. The USSR and the USA’s Influences are both very small, only about 10% each, leaving 80% of the population to Support neutrality. Opposition is at 50%, which is not ideal for the government but stable enough to survive. In this example game, the USA has achieved milestones in the space race, causing global admiration and the USA’s Influence to increase, including in Argentina. To complement this, the USA player releases propaganda in Argentina to boost pro-American Influence. At the same time, he develops a very powerful spy network to assist anti-government riots which have started to flare up. These efforts combine to increase the pro-American Influence in Argentina from 10% to over 80%, and increase government Opposition from 50% to more than 80%. This allows the USA player to establish a new pro-American government in Argentina and add the country to their sphere of influence. The 80%+ of the population that formerly opposed the local government also become supporters of the new pro-American government.

Now the USSR player is disappointed that Argentina has moved into the American sphere of influence. He wanted Diego Maradona to wear a hammer and sickle t-shirt during his next game. The USSR player realizes it will take a huge amount of time and money to increase pro-Soviet influence in Argentina because the American Influence has become so strong. The only real option is to organize a revolution in Argentina. The USSR player starts by creating a massive KGB spy network in the region. Once well-established, the KGB spies wipe out the American spy network in Argentina, allowing the KGB to assist radicals and organize riots with ease. Sometimes these riots escalate enough to warrant TV news coverage, but the USA player doesn’t seem to take it seriously or is too preoccupied elsewhere. Eventually Opposition in Argentina reaches 80%, triggering the radicals to become full revolutionaries. The USSR player then provides military assistance to the revolutionaries, and they successfully overthrow the government. However, Soviet Influence in Argentina is at 0, even if the government is pro-Soviet, so the USSR player has to convince the general population to abandon their pro-American ideology. The disconnect between the citizens’ ideals and the government will cause Opposition to the pro-Soviet government in Argentina to rise until eventually the USA player can take Argentina back through political means. But in the mean time, Argentina is Soviet-controlled and scoring points for the USSR player.

After reading this example, you’ve probably figured out some ways the USA player could have prevented revolution. First, they would need to keep their spy network functional, to decrease the KGB’s ability to assist radical riots. Also, the USA player could have deployed military troops to Argentina so in the event of civil war they could have helped protect their allied government from revolutionaries. After all this conflict, both players have invested an incredible amount of resources into the area. Calling the shots in situations like this is all part of the strategy and decision-making gameplay that’s vital to success in TCWE.
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The Spheres of Influence and their Costly Bickering

There are many listed reasons that showcase why the USSR was particularly easy to defeat. One of those would be that they were economically extremely weak, because they were giving away their ressources for free (evidently to those countries that supported the Soviet Regime). They saw no sort of revenue in exchange for those goodies, except in the form of the loyalty of the locals. In other words, they were pictured as this colossal corporation that offered a generous salary to its employees, regardless of its wildly negative financial balance – this fruitless endeavor kept on going until said ”corporation” logically went bankrupt.  Nevertheless, this is exactly how the USSR gathered the vast majority of the support they needed from the countries they wished to take under their wing. The United States of America were going for different tactics, albeit their desire to spread their influential power was just as adamant. In a nutshell, it’s easy to touch-base on the general rule of the craft for both spheres – ”I will offer you my dough and ressources, as long as you don’t pal up with the opposing force.” This is a philosophy both parties shared a non-mutually-demonstrative consensus on – only they both elaborated their very distinct types of plans, and those took various forms.

In The Cold War Era, we decided to implement this very complex system of relationships between countries in a utmost user-friendly manner. Each country has two main indicators; Opposition-Supporters, and Influence. There are also three types of governments; Pro-American, Pro-Soviet, and Neutral. We have decided to go for those particular monikers (instead of using the terms Democracy, Communism, Dictatorship, Monarchy, Single Ruling Party State, etc.) since we have learned, from factual History, that some of those governments’ mechanics and general philosophies didn’t quite match up with the exact meanings of the latter terms.  Let’s say, for example, that Czechoslovakia was a Communist state during the Cold War, and that it had a Pro-Soviet government; it would still be a noteworthy mistake to make the assumption that Czechoslovakians were very happy with the Soviet regime in their country. India is a solid example of a Polar Opposite situation – it’s a Democratic country, but their relationship with the Soviet Union was so tight-knit, it could be considered as a genuine friendship. This is why we’ve decided to split all Government Types into the three aforementioned categories (Pro-American, Pro-Soviet, Neutral) as it prevents the likely automatical conclusion that if one government is dubbed Democratic, it also necessarily could be associated to a Pro-American mindframe.

But let’s now focus on the two essential indicators pertaining to each government; Opposition/Support, and Influence. Let us explain how those In-Game mechanics work together.

OPPOSITION/SUPPORT: This represents how the population of a given country feels about its individual government. To ensure a better understanding of the two indicators we’re describing, let us specify that we used a pattern most games function on; the percentage system. Let’s say, for example, that during a particular round, we have this Pro-Soviet type of government in India, and 80% of the Indian population directly supports it. That would mean the remaining 20% could be split into a neutral party, and an opposing (or Pro-American) party (each of these two categories of the populace representing 10% of its totality). If, in that given situation, a large percentage of Indians supports the Pro-Soviet government, we’re talking about a powerful and stable force that would be extremely daunting to overthrow. That being said, if most those Indians decide to oppose, needless to say that this government is in extremely hot waters. If said opposition reaches a whoopin’ 80%, then it’s time to call for the support of revolutionaries ($$$). Those are striving to fight their asses off in order to properly overthrow a given government. In our next diary, we’ll cover possible tactics more in-depth; let’s now take a look at the Influence indicator and the possibilities it brings.

INFLUENCE: This indicator showcases how different parts of the world struggle, sandwiched in between the pro-American and pro-Soviet governments that strive to impose their views on the countries they wish to claw upon. Players can boost the efficiency of this particular indicator via propaganda ($$$). This is actually one of the main concepts of TCWE: each player has to do his/her very best to prompt as many countries as possible towards the general idea of joining one of the two spheres of influence. Each country has its initial score value; the bigger the number of countries amassed into a given player’s own sphere of influence, the bigger their score will be, directly determining who wins the given round. This indicator is in direct relation with the OPPOSITION/SUPPORT aspect in the sense that the propaganda is obviously bound to cause an immediate reaction from a neutral country and bring them in a position of support or rejection. If either one of the two players manages to get more than 50% of its influence into a given country that’s already ruled by a naturally opposing force in terms of a government, the uproar will progressively worsen. The neutral side is not partaking into the spreading of this propaganda. To prevent the growth of the opposition and stabilize the government of the country in question, the other side has to fight back with the blunt power of cash and absolutely never drop the ball, right up until the influence of that arch-nemesis of an opposing side goes right below the 50% level. At that moment, the increase will stop going up in an endless loop.

Let’s throw in another nifty little example to clarify all this; let’s head straight back to Czechoslovakia. This country has an initial score value of a whoopin’ 4. At the beginning of your round, the Czechs have pro-Soviet government and under the influence of USSR. What this means, in simplest terms, is that the score of 4 is given to the USSR (whether you or your opponent depending on who’s a Soviet and who’s an American). Let’s pretend that this government is initially supported by about 70% of the populace. But the Americans instantly react with their overabundance of cash and start spreading a monstrous amount of propaganda. The pro-American influence amongst the Czechs thus begins to push onward past the threshold of 50%. That leads to a fairly grand amount of opposition in that country (in other words, when 50% goes up to 80, prepare for a massive revolution; it’ll take over the entire country as the Americans enjoy the fact that they have the upper hand. That would be the right time for the Soviets to make their miraculous move, or roll over & die). Still, note that the revolution, or absolute overthrow of a government doesn’t happen automatically – the American player at your ”table” is gonna be presented with two ways to make this happen, in our next diary. To prevent this really lethal mishap from causing major problems among the Soviets though, considering they logically won’t want their allied pro-Soviet government of Czechoslovakia overthrown, they won’t have no other choice but to get their military on-duty and have them invade and fight the revolutionaries. If they somewhat melodramatically fail to do that in time, they lose Czechoslovakia to the Americans, along with the score value of 4.

So, you ask, what is the point of this diary exactly, and the general line of thought behind our choice to start by describing the USSR’s major lack of economical ressources? The reason’s simple – spreading the horsepower and maintaining the influence of both spheres all over the world sure ain’t a cheap ordeal. Both players HAVE to be ready to win or lose various local conflicts to reach their main goals and obtain the biggest score. Bottom line, we’re looking at a metaphorical game of chess, really – there always has to be that one point where you gotta be willing to lose a pawn to get the queen, ya know?
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