1.03 is more gamer-friendly!

This is it — the final blog update about v1.03 before its official release! We’re down to just days (not weeks!) until it’s here.

In this blog I’d like to introduce another great feature that will make v1.03 even more gamer-friendly than its predecessors. Considering the huge number of proxy wars the game now allows for, it can get tough to keep in mind all the countries where war has erupted. To help you track this information, we’ve added a flag navigation system to help you jump between war-torn regions. With this added feature, as soon as war is declared in any region around the world, that country’s flag will appear in the top right corner of the screen. If you click on this flag, your screen will automatically center on this country.


Keeping in mind the addition of all these cool new features, we also want to take a moment to remind you how the Statistic menu can enhance your strategizing experience. It’s important to keep track of where opposition is rising, with the tipping point set at 80% for each country. The Statistic menu tells you which countries are highly opposed to its government. Since you can now command your spies to initiate parades in neutral countries, you can lower this opposition score in countries you plan to influence politically in the future. And, of course, you can initiate riots to expedite the threat of war in neutral countries you influence.

We’ve also made some tweaks to the basic settings for v1.03. For example, now the annual budget increase ranges between 5 and 10%, rather than the 4 to 8% increase in v1.02. And, if your budget is greater than $700, this gives you penalty of 2 to 5% bonus increase only.

As an extra fun perk, we’ve added a bunch more news videos for those of you who use the free video news DLC! A new version of the DLC will be available for download the day v1.03 is officially released… which will be very, very soon! Can you tell we’re excited? We so are!

So stay tuned, thanks for checking in, and we’ll see you in the game lobby.

Max Sprin