Come and Get It!

We’re almost there…

After several successful beta previews, development of The Cold War Era is nearly finished… which means you can start ordering it now!

If you already know you want full-time access to TCWE you can pre-order it now and get a sweet discount on both the Standard and Special Editions.

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“The prerelease discount is a way for us to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who really wants The Cold War Era and has supported us along the way,” says Max Sprin, AD’s founder and lead developer on TCWE.

If you want to pre-order — right now! — you can do so through the game’s Donation Page.

Plus, if you pre-order TCWE you can help make it possible for more features to be added to the game, like…

  • Improved Server– provides players with lag-free gameplay.
  • Diplomacy Chat — option to communicate directly with your opponent.
  • Game Duration Option — play a quick match or duke it out in a lengthy battle.
  • Sport — compete in the olympic games to win Global Influence.
  • Arms Race — develop military technology to help win wars.

If you want to see the full list of possible new features just click on the Goals link at the bottom of the Donation Page. :D

The game should be all done and ready for release by Q3. If you buy it before then you’ll get immediate notification of future betas between the time of your donation and the game’s release. And, the more pre-orders we receive, the sooner the finished product will be ready!

There’s one more thing you should know about TCWE Donation Campaign: contributors who give above and beyond will be listed in a place of honour in the game’s Lobby screen. If you’ve played the beta you’ve seen this screen, as does everyone else who plays! This is what it’ll look like:

game lobby example

You could also use the game lobby as a handy spot to advertise your company, your product, or yourself. We’ll thank the highest level contributors by featuring them in TCWE’s in-game video stream.

If you have questions about TCWE Donation Campaign, feel free to email Madeline Masters at and she’ll tell you all you need to know.

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