Proxy Wars

We wanted to include the Proxy Wars feature in TCWE from the start, but due to limited time and funding were not able to do so. But now we finally can! I’ll be the first to admit that the game is very limited without proxy wars. We’ve conducted a beta test and are happy to report that with Proxy Wars, TCWE becomes one big map of geopolitical battles with extremely rich gameplay. No more Europe-only battlefield. Proxy wars have opened up lots of different strategy options. Very cool!

For the most part the Cold War took place in neutral countries with no stable governments or due to “unexpected” coups. Now TCWE allows you to do the same. I’ll tell you briefly how this works:

If you want any neutral country to join your sphere of influence, you can now do that not only peacefully but also via revolution (this feature was not available for neutral countries in the previous version). To start a revolution in a neutral country it must have:

1 – A highly unstable government (Opposition 80+).

2 – Influence of your county lower than your opponent’s influence (the neutrality of the country is not taken into account).

The implication is that if your influence is higher than your opponent’s, you should use peaceful accession to get that country to join your sphere of influence. In order to protect the country from the possibility of a coup d’etat, spies can now organize pro-government parades in neutral countries.

And that’s not all!

Now neutral countries also have their own militaries. If a neutral country is influenced more by, for example, the USA, then the USA player can send his troops to this country any time to strengthen the pro-government army. If the opponent, in this case the Soviet Union, wants to help revolutionaries go to war, the revolutionaries will fight with these pro-government forces. If the revolutionaries win, the country will join the Soviet sphere of influence. If the USA player is able to stop the attack, through spy network support or continually assisting that country’s government and the USA’s troops, then the country will remain neutral.


With proxy wars, players must closely monitor events around the world and strengthen ties with friendly neutral countries to avoid a Blitzkrieg revolutionary attack. It’s better to be prepared in case you can’t stop the onslaught in time!

Max Sprin

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