Cheating and new 1.04 update (AI)

First, we would like to congratulate everyone who directly and indirectly helped us develop version 1.04. I promise it is going to be released very soon possibly either late this month or early September. Despite the fact that our kickstartr campaign was not entirely successful, we will still continue working on the game and improve it.

Many players have asked me this question – is AI cheating on players? The answer is no. AI is set up to consider the size of the budget, its opportunities and possibilities and eventually it prioritizes according to the global situation. For example, AI will fight more aggressively for their alliance countries than for neutral countries. AI has no super weapons, bonuses or other unseen additional funding. All is fair.

Many probably already noticed that The Cold War Era is not an easy game. It is the game of intellect and for intellect. Each can have a different tactical strategy, and it is almost impossible to win the game using the same strategy all over again. AI always uses different tactics and it gives the opportunity to play on a single straight line. So you need to stay abreast of changes and developments in the world and rapidly respond to it, or even better, anticipate them and be prepared for them. Not everyone is able to resist our AI, and you know what? In the update 1.04 AI will be even much smarter!

Our current priority is to make AI in 1.04 to be more flexible. Our first beta tests show good performance. Previously AI was making an emphasis either on warfare, science or diplomacy tactics based on a situation, this time it changes strategy within each tactic.

For example, depending on changes in the global world, AI adjusts its tactics, for example diplomacy, to the most successful ones. In other words, it is more difficult to beat AI now, and eventually it will be even harder! In the next blog I will answer the most frequently asked question – will there be a demo?

Max Sprin