Difficulty levels and in game missions

Hello comrades.

I’m very happy to inform you we are working on our new 1.5 update for The Cold War Era. Actually, we are polishing it now. It’s almost done and soon to be released. Let me tell you what has been added to the game:

From the very beginning of the release we wanted to add two things – difficulty level and in-game missions. While I couldn’t immediately find the right way to make the difficulty system adjustable to the existing AI mechanics, after many tests and hard work I can declare – it works well now!

The game has the clear mission already – to get the highest score at the end of the game to win, but I wanted to add something more than just the pop-up messages: “Boom! You did it. Mission accomplished! You are cool!” Completing in-game missions should provide achievements and I was trying to find the right ones for The Cold War Era. I realized that we can do this by combining the difficulty level and mission achievements together!

You are able to raise your game difficulty level from EASY to MEDIUM and to HIGH only if you have completed some in-game missions and complete the actual game in 2000 as the winner. If you completed in-game missions but you lost the actual game the missions won’t be counted as achieved. Interesting, huh?


There are four in-game missions:

EASY LEVEL – SPACE RACE. To archive this mission you need to develop all space technologies and finish the game as the winner.

EASY LEVEL – ONE AFRICA. To archive this mission you need to align all African countries to your sphere of influence (to make them all pro-Soviet if you play as USSR or pro-American if you play USA) and finish the game as the winner.

MEDIUM LEVEL – 50 GOOD SCORES. To archive this mission you need to finish the game as the winner with 50 or more scores on MEDIUM level of difficulty.

MEDIUM LEVEL – COUP YOUR ENEMY. To archive this mission you need to complete a coup of your enemy country (USSR or USA) any time during the game on MEDIUM level of difficulty and finish the game as the winner.

When you pass all of the missions you will be able to play on the HIGH difficulty level and then your only mission will be actually to win the game in any strategically way. (It will be tough, I promise!)

Max Sprin