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V1.03 and Multiplayer Informer

First of all I would like to thank everyone who bought the game and took part in our Donation Campaign. Without exaggeration I can tell you that the new game version, v1.03, will be released because of your support! Due to your help, we will continue working on and improving our game. Your support is so valuable to a small company like ours.

In this blog post I’ll discuss the new features that will be included in v1.03. Many of you prefer to play in multiplayer mode, but sometimes when you enter the Game Lobby no one is waiting to play with you, so instead you choose single player mode. A few minutes later another player enters the game wishing to play multiplayer, but unfortunately no one is available.  So we have a situation on our hands in which two players want to play multiplayer mode but are playing single player instead. This is why we’ve devised our Multiplayer Informer!

With Multiplayer Informer, if you want to play in multiplayer mode and everyone else online is in a single player game, you can start your game as usual, choose your country and click the “Multiplayer” button. After that other players playing in single player mode will receive an in-game notification. An icon will appear at the upper left corner of the screen and a telephone ring will sound (see image below). If another player wants to join you, they can end their single player game, go into the Lobby and join your game. As usual, they’ll need to select the opposite country and click the Multiplayer button.


With Multiplayer Informer all players will be notified of your intentions to play against them in a geopolitical multiplayer battle. In the very near future we’ll tell you about the second feature we plan to add to the game. We’re sure you’ll love it because it’s going to be a BIG ONE!

Max Sprin

The Day Has Finally Come…

After months of very hard work, our big day is finally coming — The Cold War Era will be officially released on Monday, May 13th! 

We want to thank everyone again who has encouraged us, taken the time to play our game, given us their feedback, and shared our game with others. Without your help and support we surely would not have reached the finish line.

And, as part of our game release celebration, we’re inviting everyone to join us from 6 to 10pm Monday evening for all-out epic mind battles, Cold War style!

Party on a Monday? Oh yes.

Party on a Monday?! Oh yes.

The more people are online the more match-ups we can have, so come on down! And who knows, the good times could roll on into all hours of the night. ;D

For everyone who’s been anxiously awaiting the game’s release, you can begin downloading it from this link starting Monday:

Download The Cold War Era

It’s going to be a very exciting time for us indeed! Looking forward to seeing what kinds of strategies everyone comes up with to achieve total Global Influence and prove to the world that they are the Master of Cunning, Propaganda, Espionage, and War.

See you then!

-The AD Team

We Are All Part of the Same Family: A Thank You Message from TCWE’s Creator Max Sprin

Max wrote this message to everyone who anxiously awaits TCWE’s release and has supported us along the way. This is truly the story of one man bringing his dream to life and sharing it with the world.


Dear Friends,

I can’t even explain to you how I feel about the upcoming release of The Cold War Era.  It’s been a 20-year-long journey, finding my own way to create my first game and reaching the point at which people like you can play it.

I am no different from you. I’ve been playing different strategy games for years — it’s just by chance that it’s me who’s writing this message and you who’s reading it. But in reality we’re very similar. We visit the same forums, play the same great games, eat the same foods and watch the same TV shows. I’m sure we’ve probably even battled it out online in different strategy games. We both belong to the Strategy Gamer family.

Twenty years ago I played my first Civilization game. It was then that I became a gamer. Books and games are my passions. I never miss a game by my favorite developers, and I never miss a book by my favorite authors. I’ve played almost ALL strategy games on the market — I’ve been consumed in the worlds of hundreds of great games, the whole while never knowing I’d be able to share my experiences with anyone else, since I never had gamer friends. Well, things have changed for me. Now I can share the gaming experience with you as the designer of my own game! 

It’s been three years since I decided to start actively working on my first game. You can’t even imagine how many things have happened since then! I could write a book about it, for sure. I was tricked, lied to and betrayed by many designers, programmers, marketing specialists and people who “always knew better.” Ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you, entering the game development business isn’t as easy as it seems. Well, I’ve passed this class and am ready for my graduation ceremony — The Cold War Era’s official release.

There are just a few days left before my company, Alina Digital, releases its first game. I don’t know how many copies will be sold or if I’ll even earn enough just to pay off my expenses, but you know what, I feel I have created something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

When I was a very young boy I planted three trees. Now they grow and burst with green leaves every summer. Years later, in high school I formed a rock band, and from that I have an album of my own songs. Later I opened a travel business with my partner and many tourists enjoyed using our service. After that I created my own Internet TV site, which hundreds of thousands of viewers liked and used frequently. Now I can finally say I’ve accomplished one more life goal… I did it! I’ve created my own PC game! I hope I’ll be as proud of it as I am of all the things I’ve accomplished in my life, and that I’ll make the people closest to me proud as well.

One Game, One Friend!

–Max Sprin.

Max Sprin, lead developer on TCWE and founder of Alina Digital.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped make this dream a reality.” 

It’s here! Play TCWE beta all weekend for FREE!

That’s your ticket to fun times playing TCWE beta all this weekend, from Friday April 5 until the evening of Sunday April 7! We can barely contain our excitement in sharing the beta with all of you for the first time. :D

To play TCWE, all you need to do is click on the link above, which will automatically start the game download. Before you install it, please read the file called ”read this before install.text” that’s included in the zip file. Then you can install the game and get playing!

Because the current TCWE version is P2P, we encourage you to invite a friend to join you in the game lobby and engage in a battle of the minds, Cold War style.

If you want to get a feel for TCWE’s mechanics before playing, you can download the game’s Quick Guide (.doc version) – or follow the link at the bottom of the Game Description page for a PDF file. The guide will tell you all you need to know about how to play TCWE, but figuring out how to manipulate the game to suit your whims is up to you. ;D

We’d also love to hear what you’ve got to say about our game, so please leave us some comments here, on our Facebook page, @AlinaDigitalDev, or in our Steam Greenlight comment section.

Happy Gaming!
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His Majesty the Budget

It’s time for Diary 5, and love it or hate it, we’re gonna talk about $$ money $$.

The Budget controls all actions in The Cold War Era. History has shown us that the USSR was a mighty superpower in the Space and Arms Races, but was no financial giant in the end. The USSR’s Communist government system couldn’t stand up to the world’s rich capitalists like the USA. The USSR had no money to improve its financial situation or to give their people what they wanted — which was often what the capitalists had. The Space and Arms Races quickly drained Russia’s riches. As a result, the Soviet people — constantly influenced by Western culture — overthrew their own government so they could achieve their dream to live better.

In the top menu you can see each player's budget, and in the bottom menu you can see the selected country's score value, which also helps determine budget.

In the top menu you can see each player’s budget, and in the bottom menu you can see the selected country’s score value, which also helps determine budget.

You can replicate this economic war in TCWE. Putting money into wars and the Space Race can drain your Budget before you blink an eye. When playing TCWE, always remember it’s easy to spend all the money in your Budget well before the year is out, and it takes several years for your Budget to rebound. If your Budget is significantly smaller than your opponent’s, it’s time to worry. Maintaining a bigger Budget is a key to victory because having a bigger Budget means you have more money available and you can spend more when it really counts. Figuring out how to spend your money wisely is key to a good strategy in TCWE. We can’t tell you how to spend your money, but we can tell you how you can earn more!

There are lots of great strategy games available and most of them utilize a simple method for earning money — if you build an industry or mine more resources, you get more money/gold each turn/time you spend. TCWE’s budget system is a bit different. If you notice how earning money works in real life, you’ll notice that a government’s money is represented with GNP or GDP, but not an actual sum. Increase or decrease in the GNP results from changes in the country’s economic status. The GNP is the most important thing for any country’s budget, which is why TCWE uses this index to determine players’ Budgets. An economy needs money to produce more money. Once you take money from the economy for external spending (such as the Space Race, wars or spies) your country’s economy (GNP) decreases. Balancing how much you spend vs. how much you earn is extremely important in TCWE.  

In the real world, a country’s GNP is only calculated once per year. We have the same system in TCWE. In January of each in-game year your GNP rises randomly from 2 to 8%, based on the actual GNP you had in December of the previous year (keeping in the spirit of “money follows the lucky” ha ha). So, the more money you keep in your Budget during the year, the bigger percentage growth you will receive in January. If you use your Budget for external spending, that’s less money in your economy and less growth you’ll receive. Figuratively speaking, this is what the USSR had to keep in mind in the late 80′s when the Soviets spent huge amounts on the Space and Arms Races, while their internal economy dwindled until the Soviet people had nothing to eat, markets were empty, and no money was left to keep Eastern Europe under Russia’s control. This quickly led to the USSR’s demise.

TCWE provides players the possibility to use this strategy against their opponents — forcing them to drain their bank accounts to keep up. Mr. Henry Kissinger, you can impose your Space and Arms Race strategy on your opponent to quickly bankrupt him or her!

Another important aspect of how your budget is calculated is how many Allies you have. The countries you trade with significantly improve your GNP. The more countries enter your Sphere of Influence, the more your GNP will grow. Each country’s score value is an index of its economic power. It’s always better to be allied with countries that have bigger score values. For example, Spain is a 4, while Israel is a 1, so it’s more beneficial to have Spain on your side.

To sum up, here’s a basic calculation to show you how your Budget is calculated each year:

(GNP + Score) x random growth %

(score = total economic value of all allies)

For Example:

If the GNP in December is $250, the player’s score is 25, and the random percentage is 4, the resulting Budget for January is 286.

 (250 + 25) x 1.04 = 286. 

To balance the gameplay we created two additional rules related to Budget:

  1. Once your budget reaches $200 you can no longer spend money.
  2. If your Budget dips to $700 you’ll be penalized via a decrease in the random growth percentage range from 2-8% to 1-4%.

PS: TCWE’s Budget system recreates the real economic climate during the Cold War. It’s why the USSR was leading at the beginning of the Space Race but completely fell behind as the 1990s loomed. Yep, Mother Russia was spending too much, while the USA was investing in its own economy. History has shown us what the result is when a country doesn’t foster its own GNP. So play strategically, balance your priorities and make compromises where necessary. After all, that’s what the Cold War was all about!

To learn more about TCWE, visit our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter@AlinaDigitalDev, check out the official website, or email us at

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In the Midst of Our Beta Preview for Media

It’s been a big weekend for TCWE with our first beta preview going on at this very moment! We’re excited to get some feedback about the game after some new sets of very valuable eyes have seen and played our game for the first time (here’s another Thank You to everyone playing our beta this weekend — you rock!).

It’s also a great pleasure for us to get to share what we’ve been working so hard on for so long with people who enjoy high-quality strategy games!

So far what we’ve heard is that TCWE is a great game for anyone who likes to develop game plans, create diversions, think on their feet, and go toe-to-toe with an opponent in hard-won battles.

One hour of gameplay goes pretty fast when you’ve got a whole world of countries to keep an eye on. While you’re restocking spies in China your opponent is installing military units in France. Suddenly a Civil War erupts in Poland, and your military units in Turkey have dwindled from 10 to 2! But, you’ve successfully achieved three new Space Race milestones, allowing you to install pro-American governments in six previously neutral countries — victory will soon be yours!

TCWE’s basics are all in place and running smoothly in its current version. It makes for a fast-paced, exciting, and possibly addictive game as-is, but the possibility of new features is also intriguing.

The Space Race is definitely fun to use and if you manage your budget wisely can make the difference between inching ahead and bounding into first place. With that in mind, the possibility of an Arms Race and a Sport Competition is tantalizing indeed, as these functionalities would offer more ways to sway otherwise unflappable neutral countries into your Sphere of Influence.

But to get new and awesome features like these added to TCWE, we need feedback and support from the game’s fans. Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to deliver.

Meanwhile, the AD team is going to take all the feedback they receive from this weekend’s beta and use it to make TCWE as user-friendly and compelling as possible. After a bit more tweaking, refining, polishing and perfecting we’ll release a beta preview for everyone to enjoy in the very near future. 


To learn more about TCWE, visit our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @AlinaDigitalDev, check out the official website, or email us at
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Screenshots + Quick Guide = Oh, I Get it Now! :D

Game creation is progressing nicely over at Alina Digital. We were very pleased to share with you some in-game screenshots for the first time on March 17th. In case you missed them, here they are again — just click to see a larger image!

You can see the basic game interface, controls and features looking at these screenshots. Each image shows the in-game TV stream on the right side of the bottom menu. The last screenshot shows the Space Race tech tree, a simplified, and easy-to-process depiction of how technological advancement and building of structures helped the U.S. and U.S.S.R. gain worldwide popularity.

If you look at the screenshots while reading through the game Quick Guide (available for download here) you can see just how the game mechanics work in TCWE.

The Alina Digital team would like to add lots of other game aspects, features and controls, including…

  1. Prestige: Reward players for their successful military and spy operations.
  2. Chat Function: Use your own words to negotiate diplomacy with your opponent.
  3. Game Duration Option: In a hurry? Play for 30 minutes instead of 60. Want to go deeper into gameplay and tweak around with creative strategies? Lengthen gameplay to 120 minutes to get more in.
  4. Sport: Athletic competition is huge for winning worldwide Influence.
  5. Arms Race: This is probably the most exciting new option the AD team could add to TCWE. Who can imagine the Cold War without an Arms Race? Hopefully no one will have to, as long as we meet our funding goals!

If you’d like to make sure these features get added to TCWE, come on over to our Donations Page and make your voice heard. We’ve also got a system of rewards worked out for anyone who gives their hard-earned cash to our hardworking team, which is also posted on our Donations Page. Click the Goals link at the bottom of that page to see a breakdown of the features we can add after we reach different funding levels.

Have other input about the game’s development? You can leave a comment here, or leave us a message at our Facebook page, on our Twitter feed, or email

Please let us know what you think of our screenshots, game manual and bonus features — your input means the world to us as we create this game of World Domination!

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