Just a Few Days Left…

Even closer to the finish line!

We have an update to last week’s post — everyone has between now and May 1st to pre-order The Cold War Era! 

For the next few days you can pre-order through our Donation Campaign website for $15 Standard Edition and $25 Special Edition.


The Special Edition includes the game soundtrack and two hi-res downloadable posters.






After May 1st pre-orders for the game will close, but you can still contribute to the Donation Campaign at the other levels, like Orden Lenina and the Comrade General Secretary Package.

game lobby example

Orden Lenina level contributors receive a Standard Edition game copy and their name in the list of supporters within the game lobby.

The offer also still stands to get bonus features added to the game based on Donation Campaign results — just one more reason to get in your order early! For full details on potential bonus features click the GOALS link at the bottom of the Donation page.

If you have any questions about the Donation Campaign please don’t hesitate to send an email to mcmasterspr@alinadigital.com, DM us at @AlinaDigitalDev, or leave a comment at our Facebook page and we’ll do our best to answer you as quickly as we can.