Screenshots + Quick Guide = Oh, I Get it Now! :D

Game creation is progressing nicely over at Alina Digital. We were very pleased to share with you some in-game screenshots for the first time on March 17th. In case you missed them, here they are again — just click to see a larger image!

You can see the basic game interface, controls and features looking at these screenshots. Each image shows the in-game TV stream on the right side of the bottom menu. The last screenshot shows the Space Race tech tree, a simplified, and easy-to-process depiction of how technological advancement and building of structures helped the U.S. and U.S.S.R. gain worldwide popularity.

If you look at the screenshots while reading through the game Quick Guide (available for download here) you can see just how the game mechanics work in TCWE.

The Alina Digital team would like to add lots of other game aspects, features and controls, including…

  1. Prestige: Reward players for their successful military and spy operations.
  2. Chat Function: Use your own words to negotiate diplomacy with your opponent.
  3. Game Duration Option: In a hurry? Play for 30 minutes instead of 60. Want to go deeper into gameplay and tweak around with creative strategies? Lengthen gameplay to 120 minutes to get more in.
  4. Sport: Athletic competition is huge for winning worldwide Influence.
  5. Arms Race: This is probably the most exciting new option the AD team could add to TCWE. Who can imagine the Cold War without an Arms Race? Hopefully no one will have to, as long as we meet our funding goals!

If you’d like to make sure these features get added to TCWE, come on over to our Donations Page and make your voice heard. We’ve also got a system of rewards worked out for anyone who gives their hard-earned cash to our hardworking team, which is also posted on our Donations Page. Click the Goals link at the bottom of that page to see a breakdown of the features we can add after we reach different funding levels.

Have other input about the game’s development? You can leave a comment here, or leave us a message at our Facebook page, on our Twitter feed, or email

Please let us know what you think of our screenshots, game manual and bonus features — your input means the world to us as we create this game of World Domination!

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