The Day Has Finally Come…

After months of very hard work, our big day is finally coming — The Cold War Era will be officially released on Monday, May 13th! 

We want to thank everyone again who has encouraged us, taken the time to play our game, given us their feedback, and shared our game with others. Without your help and support we surely would not have reached the finish line.

And, as part of our game release celebration, we’re inviting everyone to join us from 6 to 10pm Monday evening for all-out epic mind battles, Cold War style!

Party on a Monday? Oh yes.

Party on a Monday?! Oh yes.

The more people are online the more match-ups we can have, so come on down! And who knows, the good times could roll on into all hours of the night. ;D

For everyone who’s been anxiously awaiting the game’s release, you can begin downloading it from this link starting Monday:

Download The Cold War Era

It’s going to be a very exciting time for us indeed! Looking forward to seeing what kinds of strategies everyone comes up with to achieve total Global Influence and prove to the world that they are the Master of Cunning, Propaganda, Espionage, and War.

See you then!

-The AD Team