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Just a Few Days Left…

Even closer to the finish line!

We have an update to last week’s post — everyone has between now and May 1st to pre-order The Cold War Era! 

For the next few days you can pre-order through our Donation Campaign website for $15 Standard Edition and $25 Special Edition.


The Special Edition includes the game soundtrack and two hi-res downloadable posters.






After May 1st pre-orders for the game will close, but you can still contribute to the Donation Campaign at the other levels, like Orden Lenina and the Comrade General Secretary Package.

game lobby example

Orden Lenina level contributors receive a Standard Edition game copy and their name in the list of supporters within the game lobby.

The offer also still stands to get bonus features added to the game based on Donation Campaign results — just one more reason to get in your order early! For full details on potential bonus features click the GOALS link at the bottom of the Donation page.

If you have any questions about the Donation Campaign please don’t hesitate to send an email to, DM us at @AlinaDigitalDev, or leave a comment at our Facebook page and we’ll do our best to answer you as quickly as we can.

It’s here! Play TCWE beta all weekend for FREE!

That’s your ticket to fun times playing TCWE beta all this weekend, from Friday April 5 until the evening of Sunday April 7! We can barely contain our excitement in sharing the beta with all of you for the first time. :D

To play TCWE, all you need to do is click on the link above, which will automatically start the game download. Before you install it, please read the file called ”read this before install.text” that’s included in the zip file. Then you can install the game and get playing!

Because the current TCWE version is P2P, we encourage you to invite a friend to join you in the game lobby and engage in a battle of the minds, Cold War style.

If you want to get a feel for TCWE’s mechanics before playing, you can download the game’s Quick Guide (.doc version) – or follow the link at the bottom of the Game Description page for a PDF file. The guide will tell you all you need to know about how to play TCWE, but figuring out how to manipulate the game to suit your whims is up to you. ;D

We’d also love to hear what you’ve got to say about our game, so please leave us some comments here, on our Facebook page, @AlinaDigitalDev, or in our Steam Greenlight comment section.

Happy Gaming!
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In the Midst of Our Beta Preview for Media

It’s been a big weekend for TCWE with our first beta preview going on at this very moment! We’re excited to get some feedback about the game after some new sets of very valuable eyes have seen and played our game for the first time (here’s another Thank You to everyone playing our beta this weekend — you rock!).

It’s also a great pleasure for us to get to share what we’ve been working so hard on for so long with people who enjoy high-quality strategy games!

So far what we’ve heard is that TCWE is a great game for anyone who likes to develop game plans, create diversions, think on their feet, and go toe-to-toe with an opponent in hard-won battles.

One hour of gameplay goes pretty fast when you’ve got a whole world of countries to keep an eye on. While you’re restocking spies in China your opponent is installing military units in France. Suddenly a Civil War erupts in Poland, and your military units in Turkey have dwindled from 10 to 2! But, you’ve successfully achieved three new Space Race milestones, allowing you to install pro-American governments in six previously neutral countries — victory will soon be yours!

TCWE’s basics are all in place and running smoothly in its current version. It makes for a fast-paced, exciting, and possibly addictive game as-is, but the possibility of new features is also intriguing.

The Space Race is definitely fun to use and if you manage your budget wisely can make the difference between inching ahead and bounding into first place. With that in mind, the possibility of an Arms Race and a Sport Competition is tantalizing indeed, as these functionalities would offer more ways to sway otherwise unflappable neutral countries into your Sphere of Influence.

But to get new and awesome features like these added to TCWE, we need feedback and support from the game’s fans. Tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to deliver.

Meanwhile, the AD team is going to take all the feedback they receive from this weekend’s beta and use it to make TCWE as user-friendly and compelling as possible. After a bit more tweaking, refining, polishing and perfecting we’ll release a beta preview for everyone to enjoy in the very near future. 


To learn more about TCWE, visit our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @AlinaDigitalDev, check out the official website, or email us at
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